Official Selection

One woman forced to bifurcate after the death of her boyfriend, an American soldier, in a pointless war.  Knowledge unravels like the threads in a frayed flag and infinite metaphor becomes the only real reality. 

OFFICIAL SELECTION premiered at Palm Springs International Festival of Short Films.After watching over five hundred short films we decided to make this one, a composite of the ideas currently passing for contemporary short films. 

Tropes lampooned include the above mentioned pointlessness of the narrative - if a narrative is even attempted, random acts of retributive violence, all things Iraq war, random nudity - not serving the story, polymorphic sexuality - and more over the suggestion of homosexuality, obtuse meaningless dialogue, unnecessary subtitling as an act of cleverness, blurry handheld self-consciously edgy photography, shock-me shock-me type jibes at religion and the ideas of America.

a film by Brian Crano

director of photography Quyen Tran | editor Julie Garces 

starring Amanda Seyfried / Rebecca Hall / Dominic Cooper / Stephen Campbell Moore / Jake Sandvig / Josh Cooke / Freddie Stevenson / Patrick Hebel / Elizabeth Guilliams 

Official Selection from Brian Crano on Vimeo.