A Bag of Hammers

offbeat comedy about two misfit best friends, incapable of growing up, whose direction is tested by an abandoned child, worn beyond his years; together they invent the family they always needed.

A Bag of Hammers was released theatrically May, 2012 by MPI.  

Bag premiered at South by South West, March, 2011. 

The film 
a film by Brian Crano | written by Brian Crano and Jake Sandvig | produced by Peter Friedlander / Lucy Barzun Donnelly / Jennifer Barrons / Brian Crano | directors of photography Byron Shah / Quyen Tran | editors Brian A Kates / Travis Sittard | production designer Bradley Thordarson | costume designer Michelle Sandvig | casting director Brad Gilmore | original songs and music by Johnny Flynn

Jason Ritter / Jake Sandvig / Chandler Canterbury / Rebecca Hall /
Todd Louiso / Gabriel Macht / and Carrie Preston

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